Carlene's Birthday Fundraiser for MusiCares!

Friends Friends Friends! 

Yes it is my Birthday Month! 

And I would imagine my 65th wouldn’t be happening without the care and support that MusiCares provided me with in my recovery! 

At this point in time when so many of my peers and musicians are scratching to keep the lights on and survive this terrible pandemic we’ve gotta give a little and take care of each other.

These folks are good and know where and how to put donations to use! 

So please y’all! 

Share this post and if ya can send a little love towards the goal.

I love y’all and everybody stay safe.

Wear your masks.

Wash your hands.

Let’s take care of each other best we can.

We got music to make and lives worth living!

Here is the link to donate if you can:

Carlene's Birthday Fundraiser for MusiCares

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