Rest in Peace Daddy Rip Nix

God bless my Daddy Rip Nix
He passed on and my heart is so sad
He was an amazing Father to Rosey and me
All the memories of my childhood have him in constant presence
He gave Rosey and myself a solid security as our Daddy
Especially with momma being gone so much
He married momma in 1957 then they had Rosey in 58
From then on he loved me as his own child
every Sunday we would head to Grandma Nix's house for Sunday dinner
A lot of the time our cousin Lorrie Bennett was with us
Val and Todd our cousins always so much a part of our growing up
We played and played
I cannot find words to describe my sorrow today
RIP Daddy Rip Nix
Rose Bush was waiting to meet you in heaven I'm sure
Love Love Love

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